Ellis Island via Vegas.

Ellis Island Restaurant, Las Vegas

The first time I went to Las Vegas, my friend Mark and I spent our first few hours there walking around looking for some good food to eat.  You would think that would be easy considering where we were, right?  I guess that’s the irony of it, because we ended up walking MILES (or so it felt) until we came upon this restaurant/casino/karaoke bar/brewery called Ellis Island.  It is located behind Bally’s; quite a little walk behind Bally’s I might add.  We both ate for all of…maybe…$6.00 (!!) followed up by watching some of Vegas’ most entertaining karaoke.  It was a great first induction into the ever-adventurous and always surprising itinerary that makes up Las Vegas.

During this past trip I had to make my way back to “the Island” to relive the great memory.  These pictures are for you, Mark.  It also just so happened that right outside there was a bumblebee that I was able to capture so vividly.  Although the bee and flowers were clear signs of spring, it looks like we’re a little too late to consider the $10.99 Easter dinner.  Next year, perhaps. 🙂

Ellis Island Restaurant, Las Vegas

The Easter dinner we are a bit too late for!

Spring has arrived at Ellis Island Restaurant, Las Vegas

This bee found the right place.

Thinking about when I dressed up as a bee for one Halloween.

Mr. Bee at work! (this could be featured on Discovery Channel, lol)


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