Viva Las Vegas!

HELLO from Vegas!  I am on the move for the next few days making the most out of my spring vacation time from work.  Out in Vegas with my friends Katie and Pete.  Having a blast.  Wouldn’t be a trip without lots of great stories to report about and I’ll just leave you with a few thoughts before heading out on the town (the night is young is this new time zone!!)

Here I am this afternoon typing up some stuff on my laptop that I’d like to blog about later.  I’m coming at you live from the Flamingo hotel.

Blogging from my room in the Flamingo 3/30/10

The Flamingo was full of flamingos.  No surprise there.

In the lobby…

Flamingo, Las Vegas 3/30/10

in the gift shops…

Flamingo, Las Vegas 3/30/10

…but what I didn’t realize is that there would be LIVE ones outside.

Flamingo, Las Vegas 3/30/10

The pool area, spa, and tennis courts are a big draw to this hotel.  Five gorgeous swimming pools, two whirlpools, and water slides are located in a 15-acre Carribbean landscape amid lagoons, streams, fountains, waterfalls, a rose garden, and islands of live flamingos (below).  The ponds are full of ducks, swans, and koi, and there’s a grove with a grand total of 2,000 palm trees.

Flamingo, Las Vegas 3/30/10

We were out for a nice dinner at P.F. Changs in the Planet Hollywood Hotel.  On the way out we noticed a crowd gathered around Jerry O’Connell and then later down the street, Jay Leno.  Both Jerry and Jay were nice enough to take pics with people in the crowd, myself and Katie included.  I met Jerry before when I was at a taping of the Regis and Kelly Show this summer.  He was sweet then too.  I told him about that when I met him tonight and he said he enjoyed that show.  That’s all for now…talk to you later.

Me and Katie posing with Jerry O'Connell outside of Paris Hotel/Casino still in our bathing suits!! 3/30/10

Meeting Jay Leno while he was filming a segment out on the street in front of Paris hotel. 3/30/10

Nothing like bumping into Jay Leno on the Vegas Strip. 3/30/10


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  1. What shoes are good for working in wet conditions?
    In the summer I do landscaping cutting grass, and we start early.

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