First daffs of the season!

Love the way these flowers blossom.  They just make me think of Easter…which happens to be a week and a day away.  These photos were taken at the house across the street, and this will make for the 3rd Spring in a row that I have awaited these beauties…

Spring is here! 3/27/10

"Glory" 3/27/10

Hope everyone is having a good weekend!

neighborhood daffs 3/27/10


2 responses to “First daffs of the season!

  1. Amy,
    I love daffodils because they make me think of Julianne and Carrie. I had gone to home depot to get dirt for my garden in my first house and while there saw daffodils and thought I’d get them for Carrie since it was mothers day and she was pregnant with Julianne. No sooner had I purchased the dirt (400lbs worth) and the flowers Carrie called me to tell me that she was
    going into labor and to get home
    asap. So daffodils remind me of that day and my two girls! Thanks
    for sharing the pics.

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