Golden ticket.

Dear God,

Ok, so I’m being greedy.  Please let me get the Golden Ticket.  Thanks… ‘ppreciate it.

xo Amy

Currently there really is a contest out there to get a Golden Ticket.

Ten grand prize winners get to bring three friends on a TRIP AROUND THE WORLD with $12,500 in spending money. Ummm… travel (& chocolate) HEAVEN!!!

It’s impossible to read Charlie and the Chocolate Factory without imagining oneself as Charlie Bucket, holding that magical golden ticket.  (see photo below)

goofing around in Dylan's Candy Bar, NYC Dec. 2009

The Nestle-owned Wonka candy brand hopes to offer a similar feeling with its new promotion.  Buy a candy bar in its Exceptionals line, and you may pull out a wining Golden Ticket.  The prizes are pretty sweet: (as mentioned above) 10 grand prize winners get to bring three friends on a trip around the world with $12,500 in spending money.  Other prizes include airline vouchers, Ticketmaster gift cards, movie certificates and (of course) free chocolate.

It’s worth noting that the Exceptionals bars are the line’s priciest items; they’re being marketed as “premium chocolate.”

Please consider me if when you WIN as you can bring 3 friends. 😉


One response to “Golden ticket.

  1. K Zanoni...aka QS

    How do I enter…I mean where can I buy said candy bars? And if u do win…can I be #3…pretty please???? LOL!

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