Best seats in SoBe.

One month ago today I was enjoying the sights in Miami.  I had taken a walk through one of my most favorite hotels (one that I’ve never actually checked in to!)  Regardless, it has one of the prettiest pools on Ocean Drive and, as I’ve noticed, the best seats in South Beach.  But you don’t have to take my word for it, you can judge for yourself below.


Honorable Mention (since it’s really more like a Bed than a Chair) but still located in the lobby.

Honorable Mention #2:  a seat at the Plat Bleu restaurant, inside the hotel.

Coming in at #5:  like the white/cool contour/interesting shape/looks remotely comfortable.

#4:  umm…just too cute.  heart shape truly promotes its charm.

#3:  funky hand design/reflective/delicate/intriguing.

#2:  regal/royal/oh, and fit for a giraffe.

And the #1 Best Seat in South Beach belongs to……….Da Bears! Perhaps transplanted from Chicago, these lovely bears will single-handedly hold you up after your weary travels.  How kind of them!

*for more info. about the Delano:

Here are a few more Delano shots for you that I really love…

"Squeaky Clean"

"Daisy Beauty"


"The Pool"


"Everything In Its Proper Place"

"Light On"

"Chess Anyone?"

"Marble Roots"

"Glittery Mystery"


2 responses to “Best seats in SoBe.

  1. My vote for the best seat in
    South Beach goes to Da Bears, too!

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