Best snowman sighting.

After walking around Princeton for a little while tonight, I’ve come upon what I consider to be the best snowman in town.  He lives right in front of Tiger Noodles and appears….well-nourished.  I wonder how long he will linger on Nassau St.  Here he is in all his glory:

1st Place Snowman in Princeton.

2nd place goes to…..

2nd Place Snowman in Princeton.

A WHOLE lotta personality….just not enough accessories for top honors.

And 3rd place is awarded to….

3rd Place Snowman in Princeton.

Charming…..adorable…, yet faceless.  Coming in with the solid (for now) spot in 3rd place.

And I’ll leave you with my FAVORITE photo from the Blizzard of 2010.   This one was taken on snow day #2 and really took my breath away just before I snapped the photo.

"Ice Light"


3 responses to “Best snowman sighting.

  1. Just as I was getting tired of the snow, your wonderful photography gave me the inspiration to enjoy the snow again. I love your adventures with the winter season! 6

  2. K Zanoni...aka QS

    Amy~I am SOO enjoying Your blog & of course You’re beautiful photography! You always inspire me! 🙂
    Much Love, QS

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