Catholic school for….how many years?? 🙂  The season of Lent in my Church has taken on different meanings, depending upon the year and my overall commitment to getting closer to God during the 40 day period of time.  Some may say that giving things up for Lent is silly because 1) it’s not significant enough, and 2) what good does that really do.  Personally it helps me to think of something to sacrifice during those days to bring a new awareness to my days.  I also think it’s important to think of a new way to be of service to others (my idea for how to do it this year has not yet come to me — suggestions welcome!)  Ash Wednesday and Good Friday are intended to be days of fasting; meaning it’s advised to try to exist without some of the extras that we’re accustomed to having around.  Sacrificing a morning latte is not going to save a child in Haiti, but it will bring a semblance of awareness to my morning that I’m fortunate to have such extras in my usual day.  Cutting out snacks throughout the day tomorrow helps to remind me that there’s something different about the day.  It’s the beginning of something.  It’s the start of a journey and an awakening to get to a higher level of self; a journey that allows us to gain spiritual perspective, if interested.

So abstract.  So difficult to articulate.  But I do mark this 40 day period with a sacrifice of something that I have come to loooooovvvve over the past year:  Facebook!  I have re-connected with so many friends through that site and it has allowed me to see what’s going on in their lives, and share little tidbits from my own.  I find it so enjoyable.  For those reasons, this will be more difficult for me to give up during the 40 days of Lent than last year’s choice, coffee. *seriously getting the shakes thinking about this level of withdrawl*  Anyway!  I wanted to document this news, and ask those of you who celebrate Easter – is there something that you’re willing to do without this Lenten season?  (and, what would you have posted as your FB status update tonight? lol)  May God bless & keep us throughout our Lenten journeys.


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  1. Hey Amy! My pastor gave this to us last year as we entered into Lent. I hope you like it. It is a pdf file called “A Journey Into Wholeness – Lenten Series-1”. This is the web address if you are interested.

    • Thanks, E! Downloaded the file – it’s awesome. Now I have some Week 1 reading to look at, and they also included a cool blog link (bet you’ve already seen it!) but if not it’s: http://godspace.wordpress.com/ which included even more resources. I really liked the Ash Wednesday Prayer that they wrote on there today. Keep me posted on the Myer family’s lenten season! 🙂

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