Palm trees in South Beach '09.

The first long run (1/2 marathon) that I ever ran was Miami ’05.  It has become a sentimental race for me because it exposed me to the thrill of crossing a major finish line for the first time.  I had done a few 5Ks before that, but never had I been so determined to train for a goal that seemed incredibly out of reach.  When I did it, and had my mom there to give me a hug when I was done, I could tell that this was something I wanted to do again.  In following tradition, I went back last year and had a blast.  I will be back again this year – exactly one week from today.  I’m heading out to do my last long run right now before I start tapering off the training for next Sunday.  I’m fueling up with cereal, coffee, juice, a wheat bagel with peanut butter, and a banana.  I know that sounds like A LOT (!!) but 10 miles of running requires a good amount of fuel.  Also, I will have a swig of Gatorade (G2) and a Vanilla Power Gel packet after every 3 miles.  Water, too, is a must.  What is your pre-long run meal?  How do you fuel up?  I would love to hear about it.


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