People Who Matter.

Me and Gram at Jersey Shore Marathon finish line. April 17, 2005. Long Branch, NJ.

I lost my Grandmother 4 years ago today.  She still remains present in my life.  I continue to seek out her strength every day.  The photo above captures my favorite race moment.  It was taken right after I crossed the finish line of my first marathon – Jersey Shore – April 17, 2005.  I was equally ecstatic and delirious; proud and sore.  It took so much longer than anticipated due to inadequate training coupled with a stress fracture in my right foot (occurring somewhere mid-race).  I was in PAIN!  My sheer will to finish got me to the end even after the finish line had officially “closed” for the afternoon.  Can you imagine?  It was my Gram yelling out to a race official: “Get her a medal!  Give her the medal that she deserves!” that had me laughing so hard while I collapsed on a bench in total exhaustion.  I’m telling you, everyone needs a cheerleader like that in their lives. 😉 She made a tremendously challenging day one of the most memorable with her unwavering care.  She was my buddy; she was always there for me.  When I look at the medal and reflect back on the accomplishment, it is impossible to do so without feeling her love come flooding back.

SIDE BAR:  I found out that a dear friend, Chelena Blount, unexpectedly passed away today.  Through my sadness, I still envision Gram welcoming her to whatever party in heaven she is currently attending.  Chelena will, no doubt, become the rock star.  Miss you Gram and Chelena.  Two special people were also born on this day:  Happy Birthday to Christopher and Lucille!  Have you shared a special race moment with someone who matters to you?  I would love to hear about it.


2 responses to “People Who Matter.

  1. Amy,
    You are such an inspiration. I love the pic of you and your grammy. My mom and your grammy smile down on us from above.

  2. Thanks, V. I love the thought of both of them smiling down on us. 🙂

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