Blended vs. Fruit on the Bottom. Cage Match.

Runners World magazine states: “The perfect pre-run snack is high in both carbohydrate and water, and fruit-flavored non-fat yogurt fits the description. Eat a small container 15 minutes to an hour before running.”

If you asked my co-worker Nicole how often I eat yogurt, I suspect this would be her answer:  “Every. single. day.”  But I’m simple; it’s usually Dannon Light ‘n Fit.  I like the taste of that yogurt.  I feel like it’s a good thing to have in the afternoon as a source of protein and dietary calcium.  The 6 oz. cups have 80 calories, plus 20% of your daily need for calcium and vitamin D.  There are some days, though, when I stop at WaWa on my way to work.  When I wanted to pick up yogurt there, I figured most lowfat yogurts were compatible in their calorie content, sugar, protein, potassium, etc.  I learned, however, that there is a noticeable difference (only when reading the labels) between the WaWa Blended and Fruit on the Bottom.  The blueberry flavor is compared below.

Front View: WaWa Lowfat Blueberry. Blended (on left) Fruit on the Bottom (on right)

Blended (on left), Fruit on the Bottom (on right) Riveting, huh? 😉

Fruit on the Bottom has only 10 more calories and 6 more grams of sugar than Blended, but it has 140 more grams of potassium and 2 more grams of protein.  Where does that leave me?  More confused than ever!  Am I going for the potassium and protein rich FOB (Fruit on Bottom) in efforts to hopefully outweigh its other uncompelling stats?  While still in limbo, I remember a health teacher at school telling the students how FOB is basically candy in your yogurt, no fruit involved.  True.  These blueberries are not real blueberries.  I reach for the Blended to have 35 g less sodium and less guilt about eating “candy” for lunch.  After all, if I wanted 18 less grams of sugar I would’ve been better off with the Tastykake Pumpkin Pie!

Tastykake pumpkin pie contains 17 grams of sugar as opposed to 35 grams in Blended & 41 grams in FOB. Let's not look into the fat grams though!

In conclusion, Blended was a better choice than FOB.  In either case though I would get my potassium and protein at the expense of way too much sugar (35 g in Blended, 41 g in FOB).  Best idea for tomorrow:  get a vanilla Light ‘n Fit and pack a small bag of real, live blueberries to mix in.  Runners crave fruits and veggies.  Yogurt with fruit mixed in, as opposed to “on the bottom”, seems like the way to go.  Let me know what kind of yogurt you like, and I’ll let you know if I ever miss that annoying sound that comes from your spoon mixing up the “fruit” on the bottom!


2 responses to “Blended vs. Fruit on the Bottom. Cage Match.

  1. I am with you. I’ll skip the sugar and still receive the nutrients and great taste

  2. I agree with you about Fruit at the bottom not being worth it. I have been enjoying Chobani Greek yogurt-about 14 grams of protein!

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