Lacing Up.

Welcome to my blog.  I am a marathoner who has a passion for travel, writing, and photography. This blog ties together those interests for me.  It is a space where I can discuss running in all its glory.  Don’t be fooled though; running isn’t always glorious.  There are ups, downs, good runs and bad runs.  There are power gels, blisters, PR’s (personal records), double layer socks, shoes, and all kinds of gear, food, and training schedules to obsess over.  Those topics, and more, will be covered here.  Welcome to the mayhem.

I’m the kind of runner who often strays from the course.  I’m prone to linger around the water station and take pictures of random signs I notice along the way.  I see every race as a journey that begins with training and preparation, and ends with the finish line (or at least that’s the plan!)  I’m happy that you’ll join me along the road.


6 responses to “Lacing Up.

  1. Great first post Ame! Can’t wait to read more!!

  2. You show great honesty and passion! Sign me up!

  3. Your blog has introduced me to an entire new world. I look forward to reading your blog for other excellent adventures.

  4. Congratulations on your newest venture, the “Adventures in Running Shoes” blog. I look forward to your observations and perceptions. Your readers will be entertained.

  5. Amy! Congrats on the new blog, and so glad to see you taking the plunge into documenting your travels (in running shoes or not). Looking forward to seeing your insights on life through the eyes of such a positive person 😉

  6. K Zanoni...aka QS

    So happy You finally did this….It’s inspiring me to maybe start my own blog…just not sure about what..quite yet…but stay tuned 🙂
    ~BIG HUGS!

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